KitKat Treasure Chest

After seeing this being made on a YouTube video that was doing the rounds a few weeks ago, I just knew that I had to make this for my chocoholic friend for his birthday. This is ridiculously easy to make and will literally take you about 30 mins to create.


7x 4 finger KitKats

100g Milk Chocolate buttons

As many pick and mix sweeties as you can fit in – oh and some chocolate coins


Firstly, melt your chocolate buttons. I pop mine into a heat proof bowl and pop in the microwave on the defrost setting – melts the chocolate beautifully.


Once you have your melted chocolate, you can begin to  construct your treasure chest. Pop some of your melted chocolate onto the bottom of the KitKat you will be using as your base, this is so it sticks to your cake board and doesn’t slip.

Then add on the sides, holding onto the side you are trying to stick together for a few seconds,  just long enough for it to stick and for the KitKat wall not to collapse. For the shorter walls, you will need to cut your KitKats in order to make them fit. Measure one in the gap so you know where you need to cut, then get another KitKat and line up against the one you have just cut, and cut in the same place.

IMG_0770 IMG_0780 IMG_0799

Once made, add some of your melted chocolate onto the cracks. It doesn’t matter if it looks a bit messy – we are going for the rustic look, I promise.


Now you need to make the lid. You will need 1.5 KitKat bars for this. Use one whole bar, and cut two fingers off the other one (you might as well eat the other 2 fingers right?), then using some of the melted chocolate, glue them together so you get one big bar. Leave to set for a few moments whilst you are filling the chest with your yummy sweeties (which you also must – you know, try).


Fill the chest and then use some of the melted chocolate to glue the lid of the chest. If you have found that your melted chocolate has solidified, simply pop back into the microwave to melt again.

As I made this for a friends birthday, I added a fondant birthday message on the cake board and scattered a few more chocolate coins.

These are fab (and so very quick) to make for an amazing edible gift, or make it with the kids, or even better, make this at a kids birthday party as an activity. They can all make their own one and chose what sweets they wish to put in.

Give it a go and enjoy!



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