Chocolate Pizza

Need some inspiration for things to make with the kiddie winks this summer holiday? Why not make a chocolate pizza? This needs help from an adult as it involves melting chocolate.


300g Milk Chocolate

100g White Chocolate

Any decorations you wish to add


Get the kids to break up the chocolate into a pyrex bowl.


Then make sure the adult does the next bit. Add the pyrex bowl on top of a saucepan with water in, so you create a bain marie. Put on a medium heat until the steam created makes the chocolate melt. Stir the chocolate so all the chocolate melts evenly and doesn’t catch on the bottom of the bowl.


Find any small cake tin you have and take out the base. Place it on a baking sheet and pour the melted chocolate into the tin. Leave for 30 mins at room temperature to set slightly.

IMG_6657 IMG_6666

Once set a little, you can begin to grate the white chocolate onto your milk chocolate base, this will make it look like the cheese on top of your pizza. Again the adult will need to do this unless older children are making this. Once this this done, the kids can become involved again and begin decorating the top of their pizza. I used Smarties, fudge pieces and mini marshmallows on mine. Pop into the fridge to set for an hour.


You may need to pop a knife around the edges of the tin (please be very careful), and then slide the chocolate pizza out of the tin.


Slice up and get the kids to enjoy a chocolate treat that they have helped to create. mmmmmmm enjoy!


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