Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake Pops

These were an experiment that actually paid off. They are rich, they are small and they are simply delicious.

Firstly, you need to make a chocolate cake, find my favourite recipe here.

Whilst you are waiting for your cake to bake and cool, you can make the frosting, peanut butter icing and setting the peanut butter.

Firstly spoon 1/2 tsp of crunchy peanut butter and place onto a plate in small mounds. Put as many on as you the amount of cake pops you wish to make. Pop into the fridge for about an hour just so they can set a bit to make them easier to handle when assembling your cake pops.


For the butter cream, cream together 125g of butter with 250g icing sugar, 35g Cocoa powder and a splash of milk to achieve your desired consistency.


Next, you can make the peanut butter icing, which is very scrummy. Put 200g of sifted icing sugar into a bowl and add 2 tbsp of cold water, mix to combine. Add in 30g of smooth peanut butter and combine, I then added another 1 tbsp of water to make a more runnier icing so it would be easier to pour over the cake pops.


Once your cake has cooled completely, break off some of the cake and crumble it into a bowl. Spoon some of the chocolate frosting and mix together, use your hands for this, as you’re going to get messy making the cake pops, so you might as well start now.


Get your peanut butter out of the fridge and now start building your cake pops. Grab some of your cake and frosting mixture and flatten slightly creating a small well in the middle.


Add in the crunchy peanut butter.


Fold the sponge around the peanut butter so its completely covered and no sign of peanut butter can be seen. Continue making until you run out of the peanut butter balls you refrigerated earlier.


Melt some chocolate. For these I used Candy Melts and I popped them in a microwave safe bowl and melted them on the defrost setting until smooth and runny. Once ready, get your cake pop sticks and dip one end into the chocolate and place half way into the cake pop. Once done, leave to one side for about 30 mins so the chocolate sets. This makes it easier to dip the cake pops into the chocolate coating so the cake doesn’t fall off the stick.

IMG_6078 IMG_6086

Next, melt some more chocolate for coating the cake pops. I don’t dip, but spoon over the chocolate until covered. I sure there are better ways to cover them to make them smoother, but this is the method I used. Leave them to set on a cake pop stand ( I brought mine from the pound shop).


Once set, you can drizzle the peanut butter icing on top to finish off. I used a decorating bottle to do mine, but you can either use a piping bag, or drizzle using a small spoon.


Leave to set completely and then serve and enjoy!


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