Chocolate Orange Cheesecake

Ive never baked a baked cheesecake before, but when I found the recipe in the Good Housekeeping Favourite Puddings, Desserts and Cakes book, I simply had to give it a go.

Base Ingredients

225g Butter

250g Plain Flour

150g Soft Brown Sugar

3 tbsp Cocoa Powder

Cheesecake topping ingredients

3 Oranges – zest of all and 150ml juice

800g Cream Cheese

250g Mascarpone Cheese

4 Eggs

225g Caster Sugar

2 tbsp Cornflour

1 tsp Vanilla Extract

Firstly from your block of butter, remove 50g of it and pop it in a saucepan to melt. Then in a bowl, pop in the flour and add in the cubed butter and rub together until you reach a breadcrumb consistency. Once created, add in the sugar and the cocoa powder.


Then add in the melted butter and combine.


Using a round spring form pan, make sure it is greased well. I added baking parchment to this bake, but the base stuck to it in the end, so I wouldn’t advise in lining the tin. Once the tin is prepped, spoon in the base mixture and press the mixture down quite firmly. Bake in the oven at 180°C/350°F/Gas Mark 4 for about 35 minutes.


Whilst you are baking the base, you can make a start in making the cream cheese filling.

In a mixing bowl, put in both the cream and mascarpone cheeses, the eggs, sugar, cornflour, the grated zest and vanilla extract. Combine all of these ingredients together throughly then add in the juice of the oranges and mix in.

Once your biscuit base has cooled slightly, pour in the cream cheese filling on top. Bake in the oven at 150°C/300°F/ Gas Mark 2 for 90 minutes until the top is golden brown in colour and the middle still looks wobbly in the middle. Don’t worry if you feel that its not cooked through, it sets once the cheesecake has cooled. Leave to cool completely before serving or adding any further decoration. The cheesecake will naturally sink slightly leaving the edges raised, but this is normal.

I decided to add chocolate curls to finish my cheesecake off. I used a block of dark chocolate and a vegetable peeler and shaved the chocolate into the curls. Be very careful doing this so you don’t slice your fingers with the peeler.


Then add to the top of the cooled cheesecake, slice and enjoy!





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