Piñata Cake

Ive wanted to make this cake for ages, so Easter was the perfect opportunity. Its simpler than I thought it would be to make and I think it looks fab.


20 oz Baking Margarine

20 oz Caster Sugar

10 Eggs

10 oz Self Raising Flour

3 tsp Vanilla Extract


I used a 1.5 litre Pyrex bowl and a 7 inch round tin, make sure they are both lined and greased.

To make up your sponge mixture, beat the margarine until light and fluffy. Add in the sugar and mix until combined. Add in your eggs a couple at a time, whilst also adding in a tablespoons worth of flour so your cake mix doesn’t curdle. Add in the remaining flour and the vanilla extract and mix until you have a light mixture.

Spoon into your Pyrex bowl and tin until they are about 3/4 full, and bake on 150°C/300°F/ Gas Mark 2. Bake the Pyrex sponge for around 2 hours until cooked through, and the 7 inch round for about 1 hour 15 minutes until cooked through. Once cooked, leave to cool for as long as possible – at least 2 hours.


Now you have time to lick the spoon and bowl before moving onto making the buttercream, unless you have some little people in your house that could oblige for you.


250g Butter

500g Icing Sugar

Splash of milk

Green colouring.

Beat the butter and add in the icing sugar a bit at a time. Add in a splash of milk if it is too stiff, but do not add in too much as you need a thicker buttercream in order to pipe the grass. Add in the green food colouring until you have a good grass colour. Once made, leave to one side.

Once your cakes have completely cooled, you need to tip the Pyrex cake upside down and dig out some of the cake so you create a well, make as big as you like (or for however many tubes of Smarties you have brought) – I recommend at least 6 tubes.


Pop in your smarties and then put some of the buttercream on the top (round the edges only – don’t cover the Smarties). You will then need to get the 7 inch cake and pop on top. Then get your cake board, pop on the top and tip the right way up.


Then cover the cake all over with a crumb coat layer using your buttercream, doing this will make your piped grass sick better to the cake.


You are now ready to pipe on the grass. I use a Wilton 233 piping nozzle. Pop it into a piping bag, add in your buttercream and lets get started!


Start piping from the top and move around the cake. Its really simple to do, you will have memories of playing with your Play Doh factory when doing this – well I do anyway!


Continue piping the grass until the entire cake is completely covered. You may need to take breaks as this really does hurt your hands.


Then as it was Easter, I used Cadbury Mini Eggs and a tiny Lindt bunny to complete my decoration.


Don’t tell your guests what is inside, simply wait for it to be cut and wait for all those Smarties to pour out. Simply yummy. Enjoy!



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