White Chocolate Hearts

These are easy peasy to make. I found this silicone chocolate mould this week end and had to try it out, so thought id share with you my fail safe white chocolate tempering method.


What you will need

Some white chocolate – any will do

A silicon chocolate mould – what ever you have


Now, I used to temper chocolate the normal way of melting in a bain marie, however occasionally this method will still split the chocolate. Due to White Chocolate having a higher fat content than milk chocolate, its easier to split once heated.

My fail safe method is simply to break up and put into a pyrex bowl,  and pop in the microwave on the defrost setting for a few minutes, stopping every 30 seconds to give a stir.


Once its ready, you will have a lovely smooth consistency of melted white chocolate. No split chocolate from now on.


Now, a top tip for pouring into a piping bag. Grab a large glass, and pop the icing bag into it. Roll down the sides of the piping bag, then pour in your chocolate. It’s a fab hands free way of filling a piping bag without getting the filling all over you and your work surface.


Try not to waste any time, and begin to pipe the chocolate into your moulds straight away, otherwise it will start to firm up pretty quickly. The piping doesn’t have to be too neat as the chocolate will fall from the piping bag quite quickly.

IMG_5154 IMG_5156

You can always smooth over the chocolate using a spatula to get a more smoother surface if you wish to do so.


Pop into your fridge for about 30-45 mins. Once set, bring out and remove your chocolates from the mould. Tidy up round the edges removing any access chocolate. If you have chocolate left over and you want to make a second batch, simply heat again (on defrost setting) in the microwave and start the process again.


Why not pop them into some nice cellophane bags and tie with some nice ribbons / organza. These can make cute little favors, a heart touching present, or simply some nice simple chocolates to enjoy with friends.



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