Gracie’s Birthday Cakes

First Birthday: Gracie is my daughter and her first birthday was the first big cake I have ever baked and covered using fondant. My husband and I spent hours the night before, not putting her trampoline together – but decorating this darn cake! Hopefully you can see an improvement in the cakes as she has gotten older.


Second Birthday: Peppa Pig was the popular choice for her second birthday. Peppa’s head was a lemon madeira cake and her body was a chocolate cake.


Third Birthday: Princess fever, and thats just from the blood, sweat and tears that went into creating this cake! This was truly one of the worst cakes I have ever decorated. With the saggy fondant brick work, to covering swiss rolls in brick embossed fondant its not a cake I would like to repeat in making again in a hurry.


Fourth Birthday: ‘Punzal for her forth. I wanted to challenge myself on this one and wanted to create a rainbow cake. However, this being me (and everyone knows that I don’t ever do things on a small scale), would see that this cake was mahoosive! However, it was really pretty inside and the leftovers came into work with me – so everyone won out of this cake!


Fifth Birthday: Gracie had TWO birthday cakes for her fifth birthday (and also some cupcakes – see I never do anything small). To be fair this was for her actual birthday tea. The other cake was for her birthday party – popular children’s cartoon Doc McStuffins was this years theme:


Sixth Birthday: Then we get to last years cake. Frozen was the theme (wasn’t it in every little girls house). For people who couldn’t let it go, I created the below:


Who knows when for! I also made this one – however I cant remember when for, so she must have had two cakes at least twice for her birthday oops!



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